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-Bicycle adventures -Guided boat tours -Accommodations -Wilderness of Lapland profile- Pontus Holmgard.

Guide, Skipper, Mtb rider in Sorsele- Lapland.


"I moved to Sorsele- Lapland back in 2012, because I found Sorsele as one of the best places for me and my family to live.

Sometimes "go against the flow" is the right direction.


In a time when clean water and fresh air is not for granted- This is a Place on Earth where we are blessed with all that, and so much more. We can actually drink the water straight from the river, and it's all for free!

Here is a lot of space for everyone, we actually got about 3 square km living space per person, and it's a good place to call home."






The history behind Suorge- Sorsele



The first known settlement at this unique Place on Earth- Sorseleholmen, is from year 1677, but at least one Sami family already lived on this Island in the river then.

The first settler was a priest with name Henrik Lyckselius, even called Hinrik Lappo. He builted his house nearby where the Church is today- Gälludden.


Suorge is an even older word from the native language Sami. The very known Professor J W Zetterstedt from the University of Lund, wrote in his travelouge to Sorsele back in 1832:

-Sorsele has got it's name from Sorge- witch means branching, and points at "Where the river branches in the wilderness".


Sorsele- Från kåtaplats till stationssamhälle by Kurt Ågren)


Today gives you the history of Sorsele at our guidings by the riverboat Älvkungen.

We also use Fatbikes to reach hidden treasures and beautyful viewpionts in the landscape!





All photos: Pontus Holmgård

Your guide in Sorsele


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